Today I’m doing something different. I’m doing a character interview for my friend, Laura Winters’ amazing new book, The Curse of Broken Shadows.

Where are you from, and what do you do?

Elias: Rooke, the earth kingdom. Assassin and thief.
Farrah: Same.
Brela: Assassin from everywhere and nowhere.
Cason: You can just say you’re from Valisea, the former shadow kingdom. We all know.
Brela: *sticks tongue out at Cason*
Cason: *rolls eyes* I’m from Anfroy, the sun kingdom, and I’m Captain of Serill’s Guard.
Serill: I’m the Crown Prince of Severina, the moon kingdom.

What magic do you have? Did you study for it?

Farrah: I’m earth and moon blessed. Water, with a special affinity for ice, and a smidge of healing magic. I only ever attended the earth temple, but not for long.
Cason: Fire and enhanced senses from the sun god, lightning from the moon god. I trained at both the sun and moon temple and have the tattoos for the highest graduation marks.
Brela: They should have created a new graduation level for you. Those tattoos aren’t even close to showing your real strength. And, for the record, neither of you are ‘tainted’ for your multiple gods-blessed magics.
Elias: Yeah, I don’t care about my earth temple tattoos. I skipped all the graduation inks for my herbal affinity and only got the strength ones. But look at what Brela drew for me. *proudly shows off his shoulder ink that blends strength and herbal magic marks* I made her tattoo it on me.
Serill: I just have healing magic.
Brela: And a brain. That’s stronger than any magic. I would know, because I can kick all of your asses and I don’t have magic. *casually hides the fact that she possesses a cursed shadow magic from Serill and Cason*

What was your childhood like?

Brela: I spent ages 3 to 9 hiding from soldiers who were trying to kill me because I honor the shadow god and was cursed with her magic. Then, after I escaped Valisea, trained as an assassin in Rooke.
Farrah: I don’t talk about anything that happened before I was 19 and met Brela.
Elias: Can’t complain. I did my own thing, got into trouble, and didn’t really care about anything until I was 20 and met these two *points to Farrah and Brela*
Cason: I spent my early years training at the sun temple in Anfroy, then left to study at the moon temple in Severina. Most people are afraid of my magic so I didn’t really have friends until I met Serill.
Serill: I’m the Crown Prince of Severina. Even though the king would rather have my brother on the throne over me because he has lightning magic instead of my weaker healing magic, it was pretty easy-going until recently.
Cason: You mean until we met Brela?
Brela: I’m sorry, dragon. Are you really complaining about some of the things we’ve–
Serill: Oh, gods. I don’t need to hear you two flirt this early in the morning.

What is your biggest wish/goal/desire?

Serill: To unite all the kingdoms again. Yes, including Valisea and the shadow-kind.
Farrah: Oh. I just want to see the moon temple. I’ve heard it’s the most beautiful sight on the continent.
Elias: I’m simple. A bed big enough to share with Farrah and Brela and for them to be safe.
Cason: For people to not see my magic as something destructive.
Brela: Same. And for my people to no longer be hunted.

What is your greatest fear?

Cason: Losing control of my power and emotions. Being seen as weak for having those emotions.
Serill: Not being respected because I have a weaker magic and don’t care for violence.
Farrah: Being seen as weak or broken because of my scars.
Elias: Heights.
Brela: Small spaces. Someone using my family against me.

Do you have any pets?

Brela: Does a mythical shadow wolf that is now very real and stalking me count?
Farrah: As long as you don’t bring it in the house, sure.

Do you have a crush on / love someone?

*Brela and Cason avoid eye contact*
Elias: It’s no secret that Brela, Farrah, and I are a thing.
Farrah: Brela and Elias. Easy.
Serill: Can we add a sixth member to this group? I’m lonely.

Describe the others with one word.

Brela: Surprising (Serill), Wild (Elias), Heart (Farrah), Dragon (Cason)
Cason: Incorrigible (Brela), Kind (Serill), Protective (Elias), Fierce (Farrah)
Serill: Inspirational (Brela), Misunderstood (Cason), Beautiful (Farrah), Caring (Elias)
Farrah: Civilized (Serill), Loyal (Elias), Stubborn (Cason), Hope (Brela)
Elias: Queen (Farrah), Revolutionary (Serill), Uptight (Cason), Tenacious (Brela)

Favorite color:

Farrah: Black or dark colors.
Brela: Purple, but more blue than black. No, maybe emerald green, like Elias’s eyes.
Serill: I’ve always liked Severina’s colors. Midnight blue and silver.
Elias: Blue or purple. Green, too. Honestly, Brela and I change our answer daily.
Cason: Blue.
Brela: *looks into Cason’s eyes* Nevermind, it’s steel blue.

What’s something to look forward to in The Curse of Broken Shadows?

Farrah: Badass women kicking butt.
Elias: I also look forward to that. Found family is my favorite.
Cason: A lot of magic and new monsters and beasts.
Serill: Adventure and growing friendships.
Brela: Flirting, banter, swords, and knives… often at the same time.

An assassin, a powerful dagger, and a magic that shouldn’t exist.

Shadow magic is extinct. The Veil Worshippers who honor the shadow god’s wall are hunted for their artifacts, including the Veil shards that break off the wall in Valisea.

Brela vows to steal it all back. With the dagger of her people and a Veil shard embedded in her collarbone that has infected her with shadow-cursed magic, she is determined to keep her secrets or suffer a fate worse than death. That was a lot easier when the uptight and infuriatingly handsome Captain Cason Valkip wasn’t hunting her.

Cason has spent his entire life hiding—from the raids on Valisea, from his emotions, and from his multiple gods-blessed magics that everyone is afraid of… everyone except Brela. The chaotic, non-magic wielding assassin who drives him insane is also the only person who has never looked at his tainted magic without any ounce of fear. Which is why being forced to work with her to discover the source of the breaking wall sets his already uncontrollable fire magic ablaze.

With tension growing in the remaining kingdoms and mythical beasts threatening her at every turn, Brela’s secrets might not remain hidden for much longer. To survive, she will have to work with the one man who could burn her.

Because if shadow hell is released, no one will be safe.

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