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DNA Word Count – 118,850 – DONE!!!

Dalya Book III – 16,694

Book Spotlight

Holding Out For A Hero By T.E. Kessler @TE_Kessler Who says your boyfriend has to be human? Macy’s life changed forever when, as a child, her mother was murdered. The killers were never found, and Macy grew up looking for injustices and making them right. She became a journalist, interviewing celebrities but lately found stardom shallow and pretentious. There was just no putting right a teen-idol rockstar. Things changed when her best friend was attacked but rescued by an unlikely hero. The hero was a Jelvia. Humans lived in fear of the Jelvia. The Jelvia killed humans for fun. Macy just saw a […]

Today, I’m happy to introduce the author of the Kingdom of Wind & Fire, R.A. Lewis.

Blood is magic. Magic is everything. And it can get you killed. Twins Brianna and Brayden have had to hide their volatile elemental powers all their lives. But now they must use them if they want to survive. After fifteen years apart, Brayden escapes enslavement to a SpiritSinger who controls his every move. No sooner has he reunited with his family when the twins’ mother is captured by the same enemy. The twins must make an impossible choice: to rescue her or follow her last wish. With the help of a snarky smuggler and his crew, Brayden and Brianna embark […]

Today, I’m happy to introduce the author of the Dingo & Sister, Nikky Lee.

Click on, Dingo & Sister at the bottom of the page to get a FREE COPY!!!! Nikky Lee is an award-winning author who grew up as a barefoot 90s kid in Perth, Western Australia on Whadjuk Noongar Country. She now lives in Aotearoa New Zealand with a husband, a dog and a couch potato cat. In her free time she writes speculative fiction, often burning the candle at both ends to explore fantastic worlds, mine asteroids and meet wizards. She’s had over two dozen stories published in magazines, anthologies and on radio. Her debut novel, The Rarkyn’s Familiar—an epic tale […]

Today, I’m happy to introduce Day Leitao, author of The Prince and The Cup.

Throne of Glass meets Minecraft in this fast-paced YA romantic fantasy. One prince wants her out.Another wants her as a pawn.Someone wants her dead.Zora wants to win the cup and tell them all to screw themselves. 17-year-old Zora was born in the Dark Valley, a cursed land where shadow creatures spawn in the dark and survive in daylight. She’s trained to fight since before she could walk. Yes, she cheated her way into the Royal Games, but it was for a very good reason. Her ex-boyfriend thought she couldn’t attain glory on her own. Just because she was a girl. […]

Today, I’m happy to introduce Kristin Ward, author of The Girl of Dorcha Wood.

Treacherous. Evil. Dark. Dorcha Wood is all of these things. And none of them. The people of Felmore talk of Dorcha Wood in whispers, if they speak of it at all. There is danger in the dark forest. Monstrous things, remnants of the Aos Sí, lurk in the shadows, hunting the unwary should one be careless enough to cross those borders. But to seventeen-year-old Fiadh, Dorcha Wood is home. A haven. It speaks to her in the rustle of the wind through the leaves, in the wild things that come to her hand. It is a forest whose secrets become […]

Today, I’m happy to introduce Wayne Meyers, author of the Peacekeepers Passage.

BIO:  Wayne discovered his love for writing at ten years old when he wrote a story about the flowers from his bed sheets coming to life. With a voracious appetite for science-fiction and fantasy, it was only natural he turned his pen toward these genres, creating bold new worlds filled with exciting, interesting characters doing incredible things. In addition to reading and writing science fiction and fantasy, Wayne enjoys spending time with his family, walking, helping aspiring authors, and volunteering in his community. A Brooklyn native, Wayne currently lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania with his family and cats, realizing his dreams […]

Today, I’m happy to introduce Erynn Lehtonen, author of the Yokai Calling series.

Do you love dragons? I’ll let you in on a secret…I love dragons!And I also love a complete series!Click here now to get the first book, Spirit Dragon for FREE! What inspired your book/series? I’m a huge fan of history and mythology, so the Yokai Calling series was heavily inspired by Japanese mythology and history. I especially drew from myths about the creation of Japan, dragons, as well as various folklores. I love dragons, so it’s pretty safe to say that’s a driving influence in all of my stories.  What are you working on next? Since I just finished this series, […]

Today, I’m happy to introduce my friend Laura Winter, author of Star Collapsed.

Today, I’m happy to introduce my friend Laura Winter, author of Star Collapsed. Superpowers, outer space, love hate relationships, what’s not to love?Preorder now! Star Collapsed comes out on May 25th.Guess who has access to theFREE Prequel!  What inspired your book/series? Seeing as I’m now back into the superpowered Blue Star world, it’s pretty easy to attribute that to my love of space and superpowers. I’m always interested in telling stories of strong women who come in and save the day, and when you add a little flavor with superpowers and magic, you’re in for a real treat. What are you working on […]

Interview With Suzanna J. Linton

Tell me about yourself. What inspired you to write? I started writing as a coping mechanism for domestic violence happening in my home. But as I grew older, I realized that I love telling stories and building worlds, which is why I continue to write fantasy today. Describe your desk / writing space. I have an adjustable desk on top of a wooden desk in my own office. Theoretically, the adjustable desk is so I can stand but it never works out that way. I write on a laptop with a mechanical keyboard attached to it. To one side of […]

Interview With David Wind

Tell me about yourself. What inspired you to write? As a pre-teen, I found reading enabled me to escape from the bonds of my surroundings, and be transported to other places and other worlds, as I grew older, everything around me was that inspiration. Describe your desk / writing space. I don’t want to sound flippant, but my desk is a trash pile where no-one but I can find things. Seriously, my desk is always a mess, and after I clean it up and organize it, within a day, it’s back to where it was. Do you have a writing […]

Interview With R.K. Bentley

Tell me about yourself. What inspired you to write? I started writing at a young age, I was an avid reader of comic books and novels when I was a child and wrote an adaptation of the pilot to The Transformers TV Show on my dad’s TSR 80 laptop. Describe your desk / writing space. It’s a toss up between a table at the local café or a desk that I should use but found writing in a comfortable chair in the living room to be best. Do you have a writing routine or do you write when inspired? My […]

Interview With Paul L. Arvidson

Tell me about yourself. What inspired you to write? 51, Husband, Carer, Father of two girls 12 and 13. I used to be a Theatrical Lighting Designer but when the kids got older we discovered that the youngest has a genetic condition that needs a lot of care. A life on the road is incompatible with a role as a carer so, I needed something to keep the creative bit of my mind going so I didn’t go crazy.When both of the kids were little, I had all kinds of crazy thoughts in those late night and early morning feeding […]

Interview with Derrick Smythe

Author Bio Derrick Smythe has been fascinated with all things elvish, dwarvish, and magical since his days of running through the woods with sharpened sticks in defense of whatever fortification he and his brothers had built that summer. After consuming nearly every fantasy book he could find, he was driven to begin work on one of his own. When he isn’t dreaming up new stories, he can be spotted hiking the Adirondack Mountains or traveling the world. He currently resides near his hometown in upstate New York with his enchanting wife, ethereal daughters, and his faithful-if-neurotic Australian Shepherd, Magnus.

Interview with Laura Winter, author of Star Collapsed, on sale May 25th!!! Pre Order Today

What inspired your book/series? Seeing as I’m now back into the superpowered Blue Star world, it’s pretty easy to attribute that to my love of space and superpowers. I’m always interested in telling stories of strong women who come in and save the day, and when you add a little flavor with superpowers and magic, you’re in for a real treat. What are you working on next? More Star Series! I have a few ideas brewing in the back of my mind, two of which are nearly functional, and I’ll start those when the plots sort themselves out. For now, […]

Author Interview With Amanda Fleet

I’m very excited to introduce Amanda Fleet, author of the Guardians of the Realm series. Tell me about yourself. What inspired you to write? I’ve written since I was young, though none of that teenage angst rubbish will ever see the light of day. I suppose I wrote more seriously much later in life, writing my first book (which will also possibly never see the light of day!) in 2007. I know this will sound terribly cliched, but there were stories and characters in my head and they wouldn’t shut up unless I wrote about them. Describe your desk / […]

Ashes And Blood & Below Dark Waters is now in PRINT!

Get Your Physical Copy ofAshes and Blood &Below Dark Waters! It feels so good to be able to announce that. Besides that, it’s been a slow writing two weeks. I had wanted to get more done, but my boyfriend and I are falling apart. I’m in an air cast and he can’t turn his head.So I’ve been taking a little wellness break.  DNA- 65,879 – I just started the third trimester 😉  Dalya III- 16,694

Dec. 10th

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season and that the start of the New Year brings peace to everyone during these difficult times. As I write this newsletter, snow is falling outside my window for the first time this year. Our twinkling Christmas tree and decorated window create a picturesque frame to the majestic, but chilly outside. There’s not enough snow to build a snowman or a fort, but just enough to coat the trees and dust the grass evenly.The view alone makes me think of homemade braided cinnamon wreaths and a hot cup of cocoa. I included […]

Below Dark Waters is On Sale Now!!!

 On Sale Now!Click on the link to get your ebook today! It’s been a long, chaotic, stressful year since I began writing Below Dark Waters. But perseverance is the key to life and no matter what, we have to push through and still find a way to achieve our goals.I’m so happy I did. But we need to always help each other and that’s why I love cross promoting different authors. We all need help building our audiences and it means so much when cross promotions succeed. Please go through all the promo’s at the end, there’s even a chance to […]

Beta readers!!

Beta readers!! If anyone is interested in beta reading Below Dark Waters, send me an email at Zaberbooks@gmail.com. I’m creating a beta team and would love for you to join. In the email, please send a little info about yourself and why you want to be a beta reader. As I type this, my fingers are dyed pink from food coloring, my kitchen is a birthday cake war zone, and currently my inbox is blowing up with emails. To say I’m busy is an understatement, but I love it. However, tomorrow I promised myself that I will go to the […]

I’d like to introduce…. Below Dark Waters

What do you guys think of the new cover for Below Dark Waters? WELL, I was hoping to have Below Dark Waters out by the end of the month, but because of COVID and hurricane Isaias taking my power out, there MIGHT be a delay. I’m hoping only a week at most. We only lost power, but my heart goes out to anyone whose property was damaged. There’s been more progress on DNA, a separate project and for the moment, it is still on schedule to be released the end of fall. I’m thinking around Thanksgiving, as long as there are […]


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