The Dalya Series

Step through a portal and into a whole other world…

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DNA Word Count – 61,041

Dalya Book III – 16,694

Latest Posts

Dec. 10th

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season and that the start of the New Year brings peace to everyone during these difficult times. As I write this newsletter, snow is falling outside my window for the first time this year. Our twinkling Christmas tree and decorated window create a picturesque frame to the […]

Below Dark Waters is On Sale Now!!!

 On Sale Now!Click on the link to get your ebook today! It’s been a long, chaotic, stressful year since I began writing Below Dark Waters. But perseverance is the key to life and no matter what, we have to push through and still find a way to achieve our goals.I’m so happy I did. But we […]

Beta readers!!

Beta readers!! If anyone is interested in beta reading Below Dark Waters, send me an email at Zaberbooks@gmail.com. I’m creating a beta team and would love for you to join. In the email, please send a little info about yourself and why you want to be a beta reader. As I type this, my fingers […]

I’d like to introduce…. Below Dark Waters

What do you guys think of the new cover for Below Dark Waters? WELL, I was hoping to have Below Dark Waters out by the end of the month, but because of COVID and hurricane Isaias taking my power out, there MIGHT be a delay. I’m hoping only a week at most. We only lost […]


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