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Stranger Shores is on sale!

Since Stranger Shores is the third book in the Dalya series…      Ashes and Blood is Free!Below Dark Waters is .99 cents!And because of the delay, I decided to sell Strangers Shores for $1.99 this weekend only. On Monday, Strangers Shores will be $4.99. Get it now while it’s on sale.For those who love the smell of a fresh printed book, the softcover should be out in two weeks.I’m waiting on the proof. Busy learning how to kill with her gift of life, Princess Megan craves time to practice how to heal, but knows that only death will win the upcoming war. For …

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Today I’d like to introduce Chris Andrews

Tell me about yourself. What inspired you to write? It’s almost a little embarrassing, actually. I was a teenager at the time, and had just read Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard. I was very disappointed, especially after reading science fiction by greats such as Asimov. Quite ignorantly (and with all the confidence of a teenager just beginning to sprout fluff on his upper lip) I declared to my friends that I could write a better book. Their response: “Why don’t you then?” It wasn’t a question. It was a challenge. Tip for the wise, don’t tell a teenage boy …

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Today I’d like to introduce Toni Cox

Tell me about yourself. What inspired you to write? I’ve always loved reading. From a young age I had my nose stuck in a book, and it never changed. Writing a book was on my bucket list, but then life happened, kids happened etc. But, when I fell ill, I decided life is too short not to follow my dreams, and I started writing. I published my first book in 2016. Now, I’m about to release my 23rd. Describe your desk / writing space. It’s an old Pine desk my son used to have in his room. It has a …

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September 10 / 2022 New Castle, PA 75 authors will be filling the halls of the haunted Hill View Manor. Many will be signing books from their own patient cell! Be one of the first readers to attend Commited at the Hill View Manor. Authors of all genres welcome you to roam the halls with whatever was left behind when they closed the doors to the wards. Make your way through the building, meeting authors and collecting books on your way.We will have tickets for tours and readings available.Join the readers group: October 10 / 2022 Staten Island, NY TNTNYC …

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