I’d like to introduce…. Below Dark Waters

What do you guys think of the new cover for Below Dark Waters?

WELL, I was hoping to have Below Dark Waters out by the end of the month, but because of COVID and hurricane Isaias taking my power out, there MIGHT be a delay. I’m hoping only a week at most. We only lost power, but my heart goes out to anyone whose property was damaged.

There’s been more progress on DNA, a separate project and for the moment, it is still on schedule to be released the end of fall. I’m thinking around Thanksgiving, as long as there are no other snags in my plans. 

Take it easy and try to enjoy what’s left of summer; the leaves will start to change in a blink of an eye.

And please if you haven’t already, please post reviews for Ashes and Blood. It really helps. Goodreads, Amazon, Smashword, Bookbub, Barns and Noble—any site helps.

If you’re looking for a new book to read, check these promos out. There are tons of great books by talented authors.
And this week I have a spotlight on Forget Me Not by Anca Antoci. Click on the links below for more information.

When tragedy strikes, Rae makes a terrible choice and struggles with the aftermath. In the wilderness of the Tongass rainforest, she finds herself hunted by creatures of hell, monsters she never dreamed could be real. A hidden world, an ancient race, and a secret she discovers by accident give a new meaning to her life but only if she can escape and return to civilization. If she is to survive, Rae must comply with Ari, her reluctant hero, and allow him to wipe away any memory of this realm. Knowledge is power, but is it worth dying for? A story about overcoming loss and self-doubt and finding purpose in life while being hunted by monsters. When push comes to shove, that’s when real strength emerges. What would it take to discover what you’re made of?


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