Today I’d like to introduce the author of Awakening, G. Clatworthy

Tell me about yourself. What inspired you to write?

I’ve always loved creating stories, and it was during the first lockdown last year that I went back to writing as a way to get some time just for me. I started out with children’ books as a catharsis for my lockdown experience – my first book was called ‘The Girl Who Lost Her Listening Ears’ so that gives you some idea of my experience. Then I started to write books I wanted to read, hence my new urban fantasy series.

Describe your desk / writing space.

I work in our games room most of the time, I have a sit / standing desk so I don’t spend all day hunched over and I’ve personalized it with stickers as it was far too grey and office-like when I bought it. My favourite bit of stationery is my to do list pad, I love a list and it helps me focus. I also have several notebooks on the go with all my ideas for future books.

Do you have a writing routine or do you write when inspired?

I am very rigid with my schedule as I don’t have a lot of free time to write in, so I make sure I do at least an hour every day.

What was the hardest scene for you to write? Which scene was your favorite to write?

The hardest scene for me to write so far was in Solstice of Dragons – Book 2 of my Rise of Dragons series – it involved huge spider-like creatures with ten legs, many eyes and graphic descriptions. I wouldn’t say I scared myself writing it but I didn’t want to go to sleep with it still in my head!

My favourite scenes are the ones where the characters have the opportunity to react with a bit of sass or snark – I enjoy irreverent humour so when that works and a reader reaches out to me to say they loved one of those scenes in my book, I love that.

What inspired your book/series?

I was thinking about typical urban fantasy books and this idea for a half-dwarf lead character who just wants a quiet life came into my head and so Amethyst was born! She has her own jewellery shop but then her best friend gets kidnapped and she’s thrown into a world of cults and dragons!

If you could live anywhere, in this world or fantasy, where would you live?

In this world, I love Japan and would really love to live there, just outside a city. I think it’s got a really cool culture that mixes modern and old and the people are lovely. In a fantasy world, I think the Discworld would be fun to live in, anywhere with magic really.

How do you come up with the title to your books?

This is the part I find hardest! I have ideas while I’m writing, but I wait until after I’ve finished the book before choosing the final title.

What are you working on next?

Right now, I’m finishing up my Rise of Dragons series. I want to finish the six books before I move onto another series. I’m currently finishing book 3 – Equinox Betrayal – which is about a dragon egg being stolen.

What authors or books have influenced your writing?

I think there’s too many here to mention. I’m a massive Terry Pratchett fan, Tolkien, Lyndsey Buroker to name a few, but I read really widely so I hope I bring in good elements from a number of authors.

What is your favorite meal?

This is tough because I love food…I think a prosciutto pizza followed by a chocolate fudge cake, accompanied by a rich red wine.

Coffee or tea? Wine or beer?

Tea (hey I’m British!), no milk or sugar and preferably Earl Grey or something like that. I don’t drink coffee. And definitely wine over beer – a prosecco or a rich red.

Describe yourself in three words.

Curious, organized, creative.  


Gemma started writing during the 2020 lockdown and loves fantasy fiction and dragons in particular. She lives in Wiltshire with her family and two cats and also enjoys crafts of all kinds. You can get a free prequel to her Rise of Dragons series here and check out Book 1 in the series on Amazon.

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She also writes children’s books. You can find out more on her website or follow her on Instagram ( or Facebook (

She wants a quiet life.

They want to awaken a slumbering dragon. Can she rescue her friend and survive an encounter with a dragon or will it end in fire and blood?

Amethyst is a half-dwarf jeweller and weaponsmith who just wants to improve sales in her shop in a popular Cardiff arcade. When her best friend gets kidnapped, she’s dragged into a world of cults and dragons. Not to mention hate at first sight with an arrogant elf.

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