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September 10 / 2022 New Castle, PA

75 authors will be filling the halls of the haunted Hill View Manor. Many will be signing books from their own patient cell!

Be one of the first readers to attend Commited at the Hill View Manor.

Authors of all genres welcome you to roam the halls with whatever was left behind when they closed the doors to the wards. Make your way through the building, meeting authors and collecting books on your way.We will have tickets for tours and readings available.Join the readers group:

October 10 / 2022 Staten Island, NY

TNTNYC – Tempted and Tantalizing in New York City

Property Of Parrish Productions, LLC by Janine Infante Bosco proudly presents the fifth annual signing in Staten Island, New York. Join us for the “Final Ride” at the Hilton Garden in on October 13, 2022 thru October 16, 2022 complete with a MC meet and greet scheduled for the night before, a cocktail reception for readers and authors and a few other surprises.

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April 29 / 2023 Brookhollow Winery Columbia, NJ

Once upon a time in the picturesque countryside of Northwest New Jersey, there lived a Romance author and a Wine Maker. One day the Wine maker built a fine new tasting room and planted rows of grapevines at a crossroads near where the Romance author lived. Every time she went to market, she traveled past the new edifice. On one such trip, an idea came to her to host a book signing at the beautifully rustic tasting room. 
     The Wine maker, wanting to draw more customers in to sample his wines, agreed the author’s idea was a sound one, for what goes better together than Romance books and wine? The two agreed upon a date and the author invited a number of her romance writing friends to join her for the event.
     So, on a fine, sunny day in May of 2014, fifteen romance authors gathered at the winery for the first A Day of Wine and Romance.

​     Then something terrible happened. A plague swept the world and events everywhere were cancelled. The author and the wine maker felt terrible, but alas, they had no choice but to postpone the event for two whole years!
     But then a vaccine was invented to keep the plague at bay and everyone rejoiced for the postponed book signing event was scheduled for another day!
      A cry of joy was heard across the fields and over the big river that flowed nearby, and finally,  The 7th Annual – A Day of Wine, Romance, and MORE! took place on Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 with 48 authors in attendance and 100+ readers who were eager to fill their bookshelves. A good time was had by all and plans were immediately put in place to do it all again!

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