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How do you raise a child who has the power to raise hell?

The voices tell me to wake up, but with two children under three, I’m awake. Believe me. There’s just so much pressing on me.  

Crystal, the woman who runs Shade, the secret group who imprisoned me, is still out there and I cannot rest until I have ended her. I need supernatural allies to do that, though, and they are hard to come by. Witches, vampires, and weres refuse to unite against their common enemy, choosing to hide in seclusion while innocents are hunted and turned into lab rats.  

Meanwhile, my best friend is entering a new phase of her life, and I don’t want to miss a second of her happiness, despite the dire warnings from a powerful psychic in the mall.  

And then there’s Lucas, the man who will never say he loves me and rejects the idea of marriage. He loves me even if he can’t say the word. Right?  

So what if there are dire predictions popping up all around me? I have more than enough to deal with. My kids will be fine. Just fine.

Won’t they?

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