Stranger Shores Delay

Eleven days ago, elderly family members reached out to me and asked for help. They’ve been hoarding for over a decade and now there’s a bug problem.

I knew the day would come when they would reach out and ask for help, but I never imagined it would be while I was trying to edit and publish my latest book.

So for the past eleven days, I’ve been sorting through garbage and cleaning their home to the point of exhaustion. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been able to work on Stranger Shores and I apologize. By the end of this weekend, (fingers crossed) I’ll have their house back to normal and back to work on Monday.

I hope you understand I had to help them and again I apologize for the delay. The new release date is August 26th.

Busy learning how to kill with her gift of life, Princess Megan craves time to practice how to heal, but knows that only death will win the upcoming war.

For the first time in Megan’s life, she has fallen in love, and with the wrong man, at that. As much as she loves Mana, will she have to end their relationship to keep her promise to the soon-to-be king of the Syreni, Prince Aenon?

Meanwhile, Kevin is busy preparing for his child with Dana and trying to keep Megan out of trouble. When Brynjar takes him to the Saoirson Fighters’ hideout, he realizes he knows nothing and if he wants answers, he’ll have to talk to people he never expected to meet and never wanted to.

On Earth, Carmia is learning what makes this foreign world spin. She discovers an island with inhabitants that appear primitive but are more sophisticated than anyone on Dalya. Their technology is more advanced than the inventions in her dreams. She flirts with the idea of staying on Earth forever until tragedy sends her sailing back to Dalya and into a deadly storm. She promises to return and never leave Earth again.
At the same time, the king of the Paradise Kingdom and secretly all of Dargone, Megan’s father, plans his next move against his daughter, giving her a surprise she will never expect.

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