Valentines Birthday Anniversary Spectacular!

Not only was it Valentines Day this week, but it also happens to be my anniversary and my birthday! 🥳

However, if you ask me how old I’m turning, the answer is going to be the same as last year, 25 for life!

And because I feel like celebrating…

DNA Demons N Angels is going to be free today Thursday Feb. 17th, Friday Feb 18th, and Saturday Feb. 19th!

That gives you three days to get your copy of DNA Demons N Angels!

How kind of you to wonder what to get me for my birthday. 

It’s really sweet!

Well, to tell you the truth, what I really want is more followers. 

I would love to reach:

1,000 Followers on Bookbub

500 Followers & Likes on Facebook

300 Followers on Twitter

300 Followers on Instagram

Which brings me to the contest I’m running this month…

Click on Birthday Wish and enter to win an Amazon Gift Card!

Birthday Wish!

 All you have to do is follow and like me on social media in order to enter the contest. That’s it. Real simple. You get a chance to win an Amazon gift car while making my birthday wish come true.

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