A Five Star Review from B. Sinsational


💞Unputdowneable Delightful Masterpiece 💞

This Book is without a doubt uniquely exceptional, and a phenomenal treasure to find and read.
It is a genuine treat that hides in these pages. With a style to the writing that is hard to pinpoint, but that makes it feel almost as if your reading someone’s diary. “Unputdownable” is the best way I can find to describe it by.
That statement is not just due to one or a few strong suits or aspects but for so many reasons, or in all honesty; I can’t find any flaws or areas that is not perfect.

It has all the “mysterious IT factors” that makes a book epic.

Examples of this divine level of perfection penetrates and saturates everything and examples can easily be seen in the fully loaded storyline, perfected with increasingly intensifying thrilling events, whipping up a unprecedented crescendo. So perfectly penned one doesn’t notice that it is hooking the reader, and reeling them in, cleverly it’s very subtle, but still clearly in a divine way.

Even the buildup of scenery, person galleries , timeline, and main characters that one can swear must be alive because they are so skillfully vivid and multifaceted. Not a single aspect of this book can be said to be anything but a masterly created luscious treat❣️
As if that was not enough it’s jam packed packed with all the supernatural types and elements anyone one can dream and wish for.
If you want a unforgettable read, then this book is for you!

This book was sent to me for review purposes, the choice of if I would read and review was still mine.
But with much delight I decided to give it a go.
So regardless those circumstances it does not influence or change my opinion. So it is in all parts my very own opinion, untainted and honest that is written above.

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