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Kim P. Review Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I love love love how this story is written. I love the idea, the concept and I’m just here begging for more Lucas! The main character, Evie though is great- she’s ruthless, curious and I couldn’t help but to relate in the way she was throughout this book. Author did a great job with the descriptions of everything down to every last detail which I loved picturing and it kept me captivated! I don’t usually write reviews on books but I couldn’t help but share and mostly say Lucas is totally all mine in my dreams. 

It’s weird how every woman reacts differently. How each pregnancy differs.

Mine is definitely unique.

My sense of smell became stronger, picking up the faintest odors, and my stomach was in constant turmoil. Those were the first signs.

And then I started eating. And eating. If I don’t, I get a migraine and people’s faces become blurry. Electronics seem to malfunction in my presence. And the nightmares—they don’t stop.

Something is changing my body.

Something that should have never happened.

Something that my husband and I had prevented from happening.

Something people say is miraculous.

The bigger I get, the more frequently I encounter people who become possessed. And the more often I wind up questioning if I am carrying a miracle baby.

The closer I get to the due date, the more I love this child and the more confident I am that I will protect my baby from anything.

Even its fate.

DNA Demons N Angels contains violence, swearing, and sex scenes. If you are looking for a clean, curse free book, this isn’t it.

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