Today, I’m happy to introduce, Randi Rayl author of the series The Bone Gathers

Tell me about yourself. What inspired you to write?

I have always been a storyteller.  While waiting for the next episode in a TV series to air, I would imagine the possible scenarios. And to the chagrin of my family, speak the anticipated dialogue aloud while in house and in public. Nothing to see here…just a girl talking to people who aren’t there! I had written so many stories that I never finished because grammar and I are not on the best of terms.  But then a friend of mine explained you hire people to edit your work. It was like a light bulb.  I could actually finish a book.  So, I did! And my first novel (The Split) under my other penname, Randi Harvey, was published in 2018. 

Describe your desk / writing space.

YIKES!  I am sitting beside my sewing machine covered in string and knick-knacks: a two-dollar bill, Santa pictures, straight pins, a bank ledger, surrounded by hundreds of books on the shelves, my first agent rejection letter taped to the wall, and a myriad of other this-and-that’s.

Do you have a writing routine or do you write when inspired?

If I have an editing deadline, I am inspired to not lose my deposit, and I write to hit it.  Right now, I am in between series so I have been taking my time promoting the most recent one (The Bone Gatherers).

What was the hardest scene for you to write? Which scene was your favorite to write?

I hate connecting scenes.  But what I like and what I am good at seem to be at odds. Love describing characters and their outfits.  But it has come to my attention I am a quite proficient at writing a “damn good sex scene” as my content editor put it.  And before you ask, I’ll fill you in.  No, my sex life is not as colorful as my characters’.  I’m a mom of two young boys.  My husband and I are lucky to hide behind a locked bedroom door while avoiding eye contact with a curious dog and cat for five minutes while my kids are rocking out to Story Bot songs in the next room.

What inspired your book/series?

I wanted to write stories that align with existing folklore and so many mythologies have already been done.  When I came across the Aztec folklore, I knew it was fresh and new, so I ran with it.

If you could live anywhere, in this world or fantasy, where would you live?

We have moved a lot so I would like to change it every few years.  But I love Thailand.  I love Mexico and I can’t wait for COVID to be over so I can start exploring other places in the world. And obviously, I’d love to live in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  #teamgryffindor

How do you come up with the title to your books?

I try a few out on the tongue and then google them to make sure they haven’t been “taken” already. But titles have always come easy to me.  Writing the book blurbs are a nightmare!

What are you working on next?

I have a new thriller book I have written a bit of an outline for and several scenes about old Hollywood actresses.  I have also delved into Sato’s (a b character in the Bone Gatherer series) story.  It’s a different series with new characters following the Fae of the Norse (as the series is named).

What authors or books have influenced your writing?

I love Sarah J Maas, the Gears couple, Diana Gabaldon.  I just started reading Harry Potter (don’t judge).

What is your favorite meal?

Sushi or Thai food

Coffee or tea? Wine or beer?

Wine or beer? Coffee & Wine…no question

Describe yourself in three words.

Creative – honest – boss-bitch (the hyphen counts 😊)

Anything other thoughts? 

My second book, Choosing Fire, (SCROLL DOWN TO GET YOUR COPY) will be available on amazon for FREE August 17th through the 21st.  Links provided. And if you liked the book, please leave me a review.  If you didn’t, then I have disabled the review feature for these novels 😉 

Last, I am currently under quarantine recovering from COVID.  I am vaccinated and, thankfully, didn’t have to be hospitalized.  Please please please don’t go through what I, my husband, and two small boys are going through right now.  Get your shot, wear a mask, and be kind to one another.  We love you!

Sofia thought she had her life figured out, but death had other plans…

A dedicated nurse, Sofia lives for helping her patients and their families. She doesn’t mind the long hours and tedious work. She has a loving boyfriend, a cute apartment, and a paid-off car. Life is perfect. Until her patients begin to die at an alarming rate, and almost always when the new tall, dark, and handsome nurse is on duty. Growing suspicious of her new co-worker, Sofia decides to take matters into her own hands and catch Eztlie in the act when she stumbles upon the real demonic killer, instead. Before she can become the creature’s next victim, Eztlie kills the monster and saves her life.

The elusive Eztlie isn’t a real nurse, he’s an ancient Aztec warrior from another time. Upon his death, the King of the Dead made Eztlie part of an elite team of demon hunters, sworn to protect mankind and rid the world of monsters that want to steal the souls of the living. It’s the kind of life that doesn’t give him much time for commitments or relationships of any kind, and that’s just fine with him.

But as Eztlie and Sofia get closer to finding the māpach wreaking havoc on her patients, they also find themselves getting closer to one another. But can Sofia trust the aloof immortal whose mere touch sets her body on fire? Or will that same fire consume her, body and soul, until there’s nothing left?

For centuries, Xel has loved her fellow warrior, Xi. Always aloof, Xi may give Xel his time, but he has never given her his heart. To make matters worse, Xel has been harboring a secret. 

She has the power of flames. A power that if discovered by the king of the underworld can lead to a life of servitude by his command. Xel thought her life was as good as she could hope for. That is until a stranger crashes into her world. 

Teya is a Sentinel, a leader of the earthbound warriors, and he’s tasked to collect information from the Bone Gatherers on the demon infestation. But when he meets Xel, his mission changes. Engrossed by her beauty, he discovers her secret and begs her to join him in the underworld to train with the other Sentinels. 

Leaving her family and Xi behind, Xel embarks on a new journey with the mysterious Teya, who worships her in ways she never knew possible. 

But when Xel suspects there is more to the underworld than meets the eye, she longs for home and the man who has held her heart for centuries. 

Torn, Xel must choose between the man who adores her or the one who has stoked the flames within her for centuries. The wrong choice could mean not just her death, but the destruction of everyone, and everything, she’s ever loved.

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